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"As someone who had never done any kind of clearing before, and had never heard of this before February of 2004, I was a bit apprehensive about the July 2004 Training. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I had heard from other people was that it was a lot of fun and that it would change my life forever.

"To be honest, they were all right about that. I was blown away by the amount of material that was presented, and that I retained after the training. And I was thrilled at the changes I went through during the training. I experienced a major life changing cognition during the Transcend Your Limitations Course that completely changed my relationships with others in a very positive way forever! Just by attending the training and working through the various exercises, I had some major life-changing wins which solidified my determination and excitement about becoming a Clearing Facilitator. Watching and helping others grow during the session was an added benefit, living proof that this tech works, and also proof that this training is first class!

"The Superlearning Presentation style was fast-paced and extremely effective, delivered in such a way that it was very easily understandable and extremely retainable, even for someone like myself who has never done this type of work before.

"To take someone who has never heard of a Clearing Facilitator, and put her through this intensive 17 day training, and then to have this person come out of this training feeling completely confident about clearing and being a Clearing Facilitator so much so that there are no apprehensions whatsoever about getting started, not to mention no concerns or questions about whether or not she will prosper through being a Clearing Facilitator is an amazing concept. But that is exactly what happened to me!

"I am convinced that everyone should go through this training, at the very least it will change your own life forever, even if you decide not to become a Clearing Facilitator, it will still give you some vital tools which will help you grow in ways you can’t even begin to imagine! Thank you, RON’S Org, for giving me this incredible opportunity!"


"In this training style it’s almost like there’s a much more direct holographic transfer of knowledge and ability. It seems like in the old organization what you were basically doing was reading and listening to a bunch of materials from LRH and for whatever reason the law was that anybody overseeing this operation was not allowed to say anything except "Where were you last doing well?" or "What does the material say?"

"So you weren’t dealing with people who "got" the material, they were all robotic. So what you were basically having to do was deal with your own mass that would get restimulated by reading the words and hope that you might have got it. But nobody would ever tell you if you did or not because that was not OK. So consequently people like me and others would have these huge misunderstoods on things like floating needles which were never really corrected because nobody was really ever allowed to say "yes" or "no" or "no, it’s this or that," or get specific about it. It was just "OK," "Fine," "Good," "Thank you," or "What does your material say?"

"So the difference between that and someone who has a holographic grasp of the material is that it works like a direct transfer — because I can get Marianne’s holographic grasp of this subject. I had a lot more reality than anybody else attending the training because of my 35 years in the Church, and though I didn’t complete Level 4 or the Briefing course I have probably read half that material. But I didn’t have the "putting it together" and there was always this question about how you do it and the mystery of it. The runway to get to the point of doing it was so huge, it was immense. For example, when I was this close to getting onto Solo NOTs and they told me I had to do Class 4 and become an interned Class 4 auditor first, it was such a huge concept that I now had to do all that because in all my years I only made it up this far. To have to go there before I could get this level was like "forget it". That was it for me, "Bye bye and you’ll never see me again." And that’s what I told them, I said "You realize what you’re saying to me, you’ll probably never see me again." And I left Flag in 1987 or ‘88.

"It had been such an ordeal, so difficult and so full of significance and stops, so full of impossible things. For somebody who has an IQ of 154, I couldn’t get there, I couldn’t do it. I mean, how could I be so completely incapable of making it to that point? So in the course of this training to go from completely failed at everything to do with getting clearing training, to being able to actually do something in 17 days is quite amazing. Truly unbelievable. So I have to say you’ve pulled off quite a course here. And I have to commend you and everyone else involved.

"I actually found that during the co-clearing times of the 17 days, I could take an upper level pc into session on a meter, having never audited before that 17 days at all, not even an internship or student auditing, and do a very complex procedure and it went off incredibly well. I was even more astounded to see people who had never even heard of the subject before the training auditing others who likewise had never heard of it, and running out past life incidents and getting incredible wins and stable gains on a one for one basis. It was like, after all the buildup and complexity it was really this simple? I have read about people who got in the 50's who did Book I auditing and co-auditing with no supervision and getting outstanding gains. Well it makes sense, doesn't it? How else could the subject have grown except with those wins in the early days. Kind of makes you wonder.

It was more valuable to me so that I can solo and because it truly gives more. It’s a holographic universe, so it doesn’t really matter whose case you handle. If you can’t handle your own case, you handle the same thing in the client’s case, then your case gets handled. Early on in the church, when I did Ethics on people, for example I’d be handling the 2D, and suddenly it was handled on me, I was cause over it.

Doing this training thing I would go in to do the session not feeling good, and something would happen so that at the end of the session I was feeling pretty good and so was the other person. It wasn’t only that I had to get my TRs in. There’s obviously some co-relation between auditing somebody else and case gain. Personal case gain became real to me just by auditing somebody, how important that was in one’s own progress.

"Excited, enthusiastic and "Bring it on……." comes to mind when I think about my experience on the training. Marianne Hagen is an extremely knowledgeable, gifted and highly skilled facilitator. If you have any interest in this technology whether for personal or professional reasons I could not recommend this course, Marianne and her exceptional team, highly enough. We as a group spent 17 days solid in a safe, professional and highly interactive environment. For me this is an optimal learning situation. I came to realize that I’ve spent the last 10 years working with this technology in a kind of fog…… understanding, yet not fully and being quite confused at times with the struggle. It has caused me no end of frustration as the information delivered via Excellerated learning methods is quite simple and incredibly powerful. I recently completed the 17 day Clearing Facilitator Basics Course and yippee the fog HAS LIFTED. Not only did the confusion and struggle disappear but on returning home I have found that my learning abilities and enthusiasm have been rehabilitated. My failed purpose to work as a clearing facilitator has now been deleted.

"This course will give you the skills and technology to confidently handle some of many of life’s ups and downs whether it be for yourself, family, Co-workers, or as a professional practice. Imagine how much freer life would be. I encourage anyone reading this to take charge of your own life and take the opportunity to learn from one of life’s masters. The experience has certainly enhanced my own.


Facilitator & Trainer.

"In July 2004 I took all the courses provided by Ron's Org to be able to be a Clearing Facilitator. The courses in total prepare a solid foundation in the philosophy and tech, along with hands on learning so one leaves with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and confidence to start as a Clearing Facilitator. The confidence is necessary to start clearing folks in order to gain and develop an experience base. The courses utilized super learning techniques developed for adult education. The gradient was steep but not beyond anyone's ability to learn or follow. The instructors and team were constantly monitoring everyone's progress to make sure that they were understanding what was being presented. All staff treated participants with the greatest amount of caring and respect, so that when one left one felt one was leaving family. My wins were beyond my expectations. I have applied my training to clearing my wife who has had wins and case gain. I plan to regularly co-audit with course mates to further my clearing facilitator skills and further my own case gain. My knowledge of the Tech did not begin until February 2004. I had read Dianetics — The Modern Science of Mental Health, and various articles on the internet. After the course I recognized with amazement that the Tech works. My experience receiving co-clearing resulted in wins every day. Thank you Ron's Org! You changed my life.

The following letter was sent to the Training Facilitator after the course. This participant did 3 courses, 8 days Clearing Facilitator training.

....... I found your command of the subject excellent, despite my own disagreements with changing all of the wording (which I have kind of backed off on in light of how expert you were in presenting the materials). I found the organization of the materials and the order in which they were presented, to be quite enlightening and I'd strongly recommend to anyone at all that they take the training, if they wanted what was the intended result of the event.

You DO have a remarkable command of the subject. You are a consummate expert in all of this, and I marvel that more of the people in the FZ do not comprehend your expertise, your commitment, and how wise it would be for them to amalgamate themselves with you and your organizations. I DID think that the training was remarkable, and extraordinarily well priced for what a person who wanted the training would have gotten out of it. Your staff, especially Kenton, are humbling to me in their dedication, competence and ARC with the students/trainees.



Review cycles

I recently completed the (confidential action)and it was great! It was
exciting! It was rewarding! It was fun!! I've never done anything like it.

You solo audit it, do a certain action and watch and record the needle
action on the meter. So many times the needle just went bam, bam,bam,bam
and on and on with continual reads from small falls to blowdowns which
released so much charge and blew away so much mass that it was incredible.
There was so much blown away that at times I felt as if I was filled with
Helium. I was lighter than air and happy as a kid in a candy store. To give
you an idea of how great I feel I'll just sign off as Mr Zeppelin 2001!

Fear of Spiders

I remember being a baby in my cot and a Daddy Long Legs dropped down from the ceiling to inspect the new arrival. I screamed and screamed, but nobody came to me. As an adult of 44 I had a motto of "death to all spiders", I could not sleep in a room if I knew there was a spider there. Most of them I could deal with by just killing them, but some of them were too big for me to get anywhere near to even do that and then I would have to drag some poor innocent in to do my dirty work for me. I found out that other people didn’t always like doing this and would tell me they had done it when they hadn’t and of course the spider would turn up in my space again, as if instantly attracted to me like a magnet. I would go into a mad panic attack and henceforth insisted that if I had asked someone to kill a spider for me I had to see the dead body. Can you believe it, I even knew if the dead body they were presenting to me was the one of the spider I saw and if it wasn’t, there was no peace until that particular spider had been found and dealt with.

Then one day I discovered clearing and found out that "anything that is not directly faced tends to persist." So it wasn’t my traumatic experience as a baby as I had thought, because I had looked at that, I remember it vividly. My friend also had a phobia about spiders and so together we decided to rid ourselves of it forever. He gave me a session which took me back on the time track to where I had devised all sorts of traps and mechanisms for entrapment and dismemberment of spider bodies, I also saw where I had been tortured with spiders and so on and so on. My friend also had clearing on his own case with spiders. I will never forget the day he came out afer a session laughing like I had never heard him laugh before — it literally lasted for about 10 minutes. Then the next thing I knew, we were moving a piece of furniture when a spider jumped out, we both just looked at each other, looked at the spider and without even a word got on with moving the furniture while the spider scuttled away into the corner.

P.S. It’s great to be able to jump into bed without having to check to see if there’s a spider in there first!!



Abilities Regained

Doing this action was an unbelievable experience for me . . . I improved several different aspects of my life thanks to the handling of fixed conditions. You have no idea how you are limiting yourself until you see the fixations you created and get them handled to where they are no longer affecting you.

I now feel like the powerful thetan that I once was, with no stops. Basically, what you want your life to be can be achieved by regaining the ability you once had. It feels REALLY GREAT!

- N.G.


To All: I just completed EXCALIBUR on RONS ORG bridge and it was a fantastic experience! First, let me share with you the way it effected me as a being.
1. It gave me a feeling of strength as a thetan that's hard to explain. Just to paint a picture, and to use something physical as a means of explanation, it's like when I was 18 and had just finished Boot Camp in the Marine Corps. My body was strong, hard, quick, energetic and at it's peak of health. If I was to improve that body condition by 200 or 300%, that would be close to how I now feel as a thetan.
2. My ability to reach in the theta universe is now infinite.
3. Doing EXCALIBUR not only handled much of my own case but it enabled me to help many many other thetans as part of doing it. The result: great for me, great for others.
4. I can't go into specifics on this but it rehabilitated some OT abilities and perceptions that were lost or forgotten.
5. It gave me certainty on the game or games being played and the corresponding certainty that I could handle the traps and adverse influences aligned against me.
6. I now have enthusiastic anticipation for doing PHOENIX which is next on RONS ORG bridge.
7. I still get angry when I think of what has been done to thetans in this universe by XENU and his implanters. It is sad to think that almost all beings on this planet do not have a clue as to what is going on. I'm sure that some of you reading this will have no reality on implanting and XENU. Let me say that I can relate, I had the same doubts, and much of what I was doing on EXCALIBUR at first seemed very hard to believe. I can only say that my viewpoint changed as my Solo Auditing progressed. By my own observations, by my own growing knowingness and by watching the emeter showing massive amounts of charge being blown off while handling some incredible situations, my doubts about XENU and implanting left like the darkness of night leaves with the morning sun.
8. I have been an uptone person for a long while. Since EXCALIBUR I am happier and more confident than ever.

I have some special comments to those of you reading this who have read or have access to RONS ORG EXCALIBUR tech and are attempting to Solo Audit it on your own without having been trained by and supervised by a qualified RON’S ORG C/S. Don't do it! You need a qualified RONS ORG C/S to not only train you how to do it properly but also to help you handle the unanticipated problems that come up. It is not unusual for someone to encounter a problem that normally wouldn't be handled until higher on the bridge and without a qualified C/S to guide and instruct you, you would be stuck, lost, and might have keyed-in something that would make your condition worse.

Doing EXCALIBUR is the most memorable and rewarding auditing I have ever experienced.

To those of you reading this who are looking for a place to begin and want to be sure that their first step is the right one, try RONS ORG. It's the true bridge and it will not take you long to realize it.

To those of you who are OT's, ask yourself has your tech been altered? Have you been stuck at a certain level for a long time? Too long? Isn't it time to look and take that long delayed first step?

My wish for all who read this is good health, much happiness and the wisdom to do what is right.

My thanks to Marianne Hagen. My guide, my light, my compass, my mentor and my loving friend.

My SPECIAL thanks to the most caring and inspirational person I know, my son...



My space is clean. Things that happen around me don’t bother me. I have been auditing someone else and have no problems maintaining 2-way comm and TRs. Never could do that before in the Church. After doing CBR’s OT Life Repair # 1, I really became myself. My voice is now normally louder and I’m more here, feeling in control of myself. There is no other NOTS type case stuff influencing me and my space extends beyond my wildest imaginings. I have TOTALLY changed. Thanks to LRH and CBR for finding THE TECH, and to Marianne, Corzel and Kenton for making sure I applied it.

- G.L.

Having completed Excalibur and OT Life Repair, I can truly say this has been an amazing journey.

There have been so many positive changes in my life, just to list a few:

People are so much friendlier, and make a point to be around me. I somehow destim their space & they are drawn to me.

I have a more peaceful sense of beingness. A calmness about life.

My awareness & perceptions are amazing.

Things I want just happen or appear to go right with a mere thought. Almost like magic, but better.

I see the world differently with my eyes & my mind.

My family & friends have also benefitted indirectly & I’ve seen their viewpoints change.

I want everyone to experience their own amazing journey through Excalibur.


2 July 2002

I recently completed my training and started auditing on Excalibur. Boy is this fun! I got to finally know and realize why Solo Nots has not and will not EVER produce a product. They don't have a clue as to what or how to audit. Excalibur is what solo auditing is supposed to be;fun, effective and terminatedly handling your reactive case, handling it forever. When you handle it with Excalibur auditing it validates YOU the being. Well, I should say, when you train and start Excalibur thru Ron's Org conducted by Marianne, you are completely validated as a being and it feels so natural. Like this is what you should have been doing all of those years you WASTED on Nots. In my class there were several former Solo Nots guys, some had been on Solo Nots for 25 years! It was really great and a big blowdown to see these guys awaken and come alive as they progressed thru the training and then start soloing Excalibur. It's a big floating TA! A great big thank you to Ron and Capt. Bill for developing this tech and especially for sending an OT40 (Marianne) to deliver it to us. My ever loving respect and admiration to Marianne and thank you so very much. And to my special friend (Loyal Officer Corzel), Clear Ether my friend, you are the greatest!
Love and Life,


I was in the C of S for 30 years or so, was in the SO, had a dozen intensives of NOTs, L10, lots of review, ethics, training, etc., and after all that, was so sick that I could barely travel, had no solutions, future, no interest in life, and no change of condition no matter what I did.

After a couple of intensives of auditing from Marianne, plus lots of training on Excalibur, I was quite pleasantly shocked to find that I still had life in me. My conditions changed dramatically, and I can see future track for myself again, in this body.

The best way I could describe the auditing was that each session was really, really interesting. Marianne's TRs are so flawless I never felt I was actually in session, but more like I was sitting down with a master wizard/technician who had a real live bag of tricks with tools to handle any occurrence, any peculiar problem which had come up either in session, in life or the whole track. There was nothing which couldn't be addressed and handled, and in such an interesting way that for days afterwards I would be wandering around chuckling over some little truth I had been steered toward finding.

Excalibur is a level which is the exact correct handling for most any oddity or problem which one might find while trying to traverse the "C of S bridge", especially on the OT levels. It is the correct level for handling the peculiar stops one encounters while trying to achieve ones’ goals on this planet; the larger and more benevolent for mankind they are, the more crucial for his ultimate freedom they are, the more relevant this level is. It handles and explains the peculiar physical breakdown which occurs with a lot of us who had hundreds of hours of NOTs, SOLO NOTs, etc., with a lot who were trying to "Clear the Planet", and play big planetary games. Where are they all now?

Ron's Org, at least the one I visited, is exactly how I imagined Scn was supposed to be when I first encountered it in the 60's, but which I never really found in any of the groups before this. Thanks to each and every being who is part of this group for all your help and support.


A hearty HELLO to all of you. As some of you know I have been very busy lately and have not been posting as much to this site. Well, I am here now and I have something I would like to share with you. It is a win of a personal nature. You see, I have recently completed a cycle of action that has been ongoing since the spring of 2000. This cycle is known as EXCALIBUR on the RONS ORG bridge. If someone were numbering OT levels it would be OT7 and OT8 combined. There are more then a half dozen specific end phenomena of this level and I certainly have them all. The end result is more than I could have imagined before I started. I had already done a very thorough bridge before starting EXCALIBUR. Right from the start of my Purif andSurvival Rundown, through the HRD, ARC Straightwire and grades 0-4, Dianetics, Power Processing,R6ew and the Clearing Course, the Sunshine Rundown,OT1,2,3, the OT Drug Rundown, Nots Drd, Audited Nots and Solo Nots, not mentioning various reviews or group auditing and of course the many wins of tech training and duplicating LRH through books or tapes and other comms, I have had a fun time indeed. The gains were tremendous and life changing, too. Considering all of that, and the many, many thousands of divisions of charge confronted and handled and the many realizations of life, I was and am still amazed at the change produced by EXCALIBUR. From my viewpoint, there is no need to go off venturing to find the bridge. It is here. This is not some sort of delusional case dramatization of CBR.
This is not chasing Markabians or thwarting a telepathic invasion. I
chuckle when I read shallow analysis statements or comments like that. To assume EXCALIBUR is anything like that is totally missing the entirety and very essence of just what it is. It addresses and handles terminatedly the last bastion of other determined case. Now what does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, it is simply something else giving you orders or directions. The Tech dictionary defines other determinism quite well I find. CBR writes that EXCALIBUR is the most ancient and secret barrier to OT. He was right. Boy, was he right. There was a real barrel full of charge too. Over 36 thousand divisions worth. Anyone who has done a fair bit of auditing knows just what that statement means, and realizes the magnitude of that stat. And this is AFTER all that was previously done. My preparatory bridge steps were not quickied, I assure you.

I have seen that various "write-ups" of EXCALIBUR, or the actual data from the level itself in some cases, have been floating around the field. Some have read these and have attempted to audit it without proper training or c/s'ing from a qualified RONS ORG c/s. Some have read false or partial write-ups and assumed they were true or complete. Some let their egos get in the way ( read other determined case or survival computation or safe solution or service facsimile).Either way, to do so is a disservice to yourself. The level is known, the level's data is complete, proper trainingon it is the key. Have there been some who have bogged on it before by not having their prior bridge steps done completely? Yes. Have there been errors in its application before? Yes. Have there been overwhelmed andunhandled cases trying to audit it? Yes. These failures to complete the level are no fault of the level itself. Or the technology of it. The
responsibility lies with the being doing it. If you aren't ready to do it, or have not been properly trained you won't get the right result. Period. The same goes for any bridge level. When completion of EXCALIBUR is attained the results are beyond description with words. What I can say is that I no longer am dependent on a body. This is stable. Do I still have and use a body? Yes. I choose too, though. There is nothing holding me to it, or any compulsion on my part. Can I operate exterior to a body? Yes. Is this stable? Yes. However, there is more. Much more. You will find out for yourself someday, and the wonder and amazement will fill you with joy. I assure you. I am here to do what I want to do. I am here for my friends and for the safety of the tech. I am here for those that want their bridge and the freedoms it brings. I have always been friends with and loyel to the old man, and remain so now and in the future. I am loyel to the people. I am loyel to the tech. I am an OT 8. I am an EXCALIBUR completion. As long as I and those of like purpose are here, the legacy of the tech lives on. I want to thank my friends Elron and Astar for giving me the tech. I especially want to thank my eternal friend Marianne, for ensuring that the tech was duplicated and applied properly by me and the freedoms and gains possible were attained. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.


Phoenix Training Completion

I just completed training for Phoenix. First finding out about the data on the level made me feel like I had already completed it.

I feel like I have SO much space and freedom and haven’t one session yet.

I can say that this is my level, the one I have been wanting to do — forever. Excalibur was the greatest ever. What I gained was infinitesimal (huge) but I see now that Phoenix is a hundred times bigger and even simpler to run. I can see that this is a real OT level.

The training in only a very few days was extremely effective and easy to duplicate. I have a feeling of total competence in running this level. Thanks very very much to Marianne, VAST, Captain Bill Robertson and to Ron for getting it all going.

Can’t say how much I have gained already just on training.


Advanced Level 12 STUDY

Words are inadequate to express the full extent of what studying this
course has done for me. From the just the training of AL 12 I have had mind-
blowing realizations and case gain. Of all the upper levels so far, this
has been the most powerful, as well as the most revealing data on the
structure of the game called the MEST UNIVERSE. It is far more OT than I
would have ever dreamed, and has given me a whole new understanding on the
absolute truth on what is stated in AXIOM 1, 'Life is basically a Static'.

Yes, I have experienced various states of OT/ Static, but did they last?
Not for long. And the reason why lies on this level, which I am about to start auditing.

Among my numerous cogs is a much greater reality of the Admin Scale, which is far beyond what I already had. I saw the entire structure of The Game, and how it aligns with the Ultimate Goal on top, and how that relates to me personally as an OT.

It is real, it is doable and it is bigger than the MEST Universe, but when Excal is properly done and Phoenix is properly done, you are ready to take it on!!!!!

Even being an R trained Class 8, who has audited several thousand hours, all that I had previously learned and applied took on a whole new level of understanding.

By the third day of training, I was stably exterior and feeling
magnificent, with the residual case gain of higher states of OT already
returning to me. .

Regardless of who you are, what you have done, what you may be doing, what you haven't done, this is the all important level. Utterly and gloriously so.

I am so grateful to LRH, CBR and MARIANNE for making it all




Advanced Levels 12 & 13

I had many cognitions on these rundowns. The main thing is realizing how I can create my own universe exactly the way I want it — and know that I am responsible for that creation. I also realize everyone else is creating their own universe — and I can allow them to do this without negative feelings about them.

Thanks to LRH, Captain Bill and Marianne and Daniel for the training and all the material on these 2 levels. You have made a major dent (Effect) in my universe.

Thank you.


Advanced Level 13

I have completed Advanced Level 13 and for me it was the best level I have ever done. I had the best session I have ever had on this level. The magnitude of cogs and LRH data alignment has been unparalleled. This was just great!

I’m looking forward to training and auditing the Grail.

- D. M.

The Grail

Many days of my life have been filled with happiness, however, they pale in comparison to the true theta happiness I am experiencing now. I have completed the Super Static Rundown!

For me, this journey up the bridge has been filled with lots of surprises, this rundown was the greatest of those. I really now understand the simplicity to life and all that it beholds. I am finally free of ancient cycles that required my attention and relentlessly demanded handling.

As I moved through the level known as the Grail, which the Super Static Rundown is the climax to, I have seen the most fantastic things and I have come to a totally new and fresh viewpoint of all that I can be. I start now in my new game as an Operating Static.

Thank-you to my eternal and dear friend Elron Elray and my other friends Astar and Zenascia. I owe you all a great debt of gratitude which I will repay by getting others to this new state. I am quite sure they, too, will enjoy it and marvel at it as I am. Thanks again to all who helped me. I love you all.


Solo Training

After coming to the realization that I am ready to move forward as a Solo Auditor my world has become much more freer lately. I notice that I get glimpses of times when my dynamics were really aligned and in harmony with each other, kind of like a song, and having done a Super Static Review cycle which has greatly sped up the certainty and capability of the tech.

I am ready to move forward again and much love to all my dynamics.

Thanks Harley!


Success Story

Source Operations Level II

I found the decisions I made that got me into this Game (as well as all previous games) and how these decisions or postulates have kept me stuck in those games. I now have a much bigger understanding of how to create a MEST universe, create things in this universe, and to be able to experience them (no matter how difficult the challenge may be or how easy it may be) without being trapped in them as a being.

I now have a difficult time getting worried about anything. It is only a game that is played for FUN and if it isn’t FUN I know what I need to do.

I feel now that I am not stuck here, I only have a viewpoint from which to view what is going on. I can withdraw that viewpoint if I want to.

I see I am getting more and more a Games Freedom as I continue to move up the RON’S Org Bridge.

Games are for FUN, not to get serious about or stuck in. Thanks to CBR, LRH, and especially to Marianne who has kept this bridge here.


Permission to publish.

The Recall Grade

The Recall grade has enabled me to acknowledge perceptions I didn’t realize I had, which makes this game easier and a whole lot more fun. Since I started this level I can trust my awareness and have anything that comes my way. That is a HUGE win for me! I never realized the gains and wins I would achieve from the Recall Grade and I am so excited to have experienced them!


Doing the Ability Grade was an unbelievable experience for me. I improved several different aspects of my life thanks to the handling of fixed conditions. You have no idea how you are limiting yourself until you see the fixations you created and get them handled to where they are no longer affecting you.

I now feel like the powerful thetan that I once was, with no stops. Basically, what you want your life to be can be achieved, by regaining the ability you once had. It feels REALLY GREAT!


After 4 auditors, 2 Countries, 2 states, co-auditing, and Pro-auditing:

Yes I perceive these interesting things more and more each day as a result of my auditing. My perception of intention has grown quite strong (even from the printed word in this forum). I also have noticed quite often 'significances' or beingnesses from inanimate objects. Almost cartoon like in the way I will sense the object being alive and communicating or feeling or emanating something.

For example (and some might find this weird, others might 'get' what I am sharing): One day I was on top of a roof in Phoenix, Az. I was repairing a roof and had an assortment of tools and supplies with me. As I was working I was getting this nagging sense coming from the putty knife I was using. I didn't focus on it but kept working to beat heat of the desert sun coming up and melting me all over the roof! It kept happening as if someone was trying to get my attention like — psstt! hey you! When I finally 'looked at it' I got this almost comical but overwhelming sense of how PROUD the putty knife was! The putty knife felt IT was more IMPORTANT than the other tools! It had this very distinct sense of significance and wanted me to know. When I spotted this I acknowledged the putty knife (that was a first) and blew a lot of charge!

This is not an isolated incident. I seem to have expanded my perceptions into an area that is more aware of the communication that comes from the physical universe. It is a regular occurrence now and my awareness and acknowledgment of other spiritual beings and manifestations of life is not only very fascinating but rewarding as well.

Earlier I had a similar experience which became my stable datum and not only made it all worthwhile but created a tremendous (additional) motivation for going up the bridge. I have not shared this with too many people as this kind of thing can be very out-reality to some AND almost impossible to describe the experience with words that even remotely convey the intensity or actuality of the experience. But what the hell!

I went to the beach one day with some very high level OT friends. The couple I was with took off walking down the beach, and I was left playing in the sand with their toddler. As you probably know the beach with all the clean air, negative ions, and lack of city mass and electronics can be very DEstimulating. As we were romping around in the tide pools I started looking around when I got this strange feeling. As I was looking out over the ocean my vision or rather perception of the physical universe expanded very rapidly as if changing into a 3 dimensional image. Every surface, texture, color, contrast, object became overwhelming sharp and intense as if looking at the world in black and white and 1 or 2 dimensional and then suddenly bursting into technicolor and 3D! It was overwhelming yet calming and fascinating at the same time. I could actually perceive the 'space' between objects not as a nothingness but as an object or something existing in itself! I not only could see the surfaces of things but perceived the mass and dimensionality of everything (including the space). It was the most incredible, beautiful, uplifting, and expanding thing I had ever experienced, and yet now as I am trying to convey the essence of what happened can not truly put it into words (frustrating), so I hope you at least perceive the intention. When my friends came back I ran up to them to share what had happened, they had this very validating smile on their faces as if they already knew!

Consequently I have been through some very unique experiences. Some have been terrifying, some have created great happiness and ability. I have experienced things that many have not, and some never will. This experience and many others that occur almost daily (not to mention my training and ability to change OTHER people's lives) have given me an unstoppable intention to go up the bridge and give others the chance to do so!



Basic Confessional

After 10 months, 3 additional processes, 2 cities, and 2 auditors, I have finally completed the Basic Confessional!

I am definitely NOT the same person I was when I started. In fact I think I changed 2 or 3 times. I have changed not only on a basic level but as an OT. My abilities and awarenesses have increased tremendously and my experience with life is more from that OT viewpoint. Most notably is:

1) Gained an ability to perceive energy and beingness

2) My telepathy has greatly increased

3) Gained the ability to recognize and communicate with inanimate objects

Some of my wins include finding out that LRH has been like a guardian or ‘big brother’ to me on the track and has consistently ‘popped-in’ to my games to see what or how I was doing.

Also discovering that my whole track has been wide open for me to run more deeply and completely, hence the long period of time on the rundown.

Very fascinating to discover how often I have been evil, a villain, an asshole, a pervert, a military commander, an implanter, an enslaver, a murderer, a rapist, et al, and sometimes all at the same time! Also realizing how those games and beingnesses have affected my present life. This action has removed a tremendous burden from my case and returned more of me to me and made me very excited to continue up the bridge.

My love and thanx to my dear friends and auditors Daniel who pushed me through and Harley who took over and finished the job.

Forever love and gratitude to LRH, Capt. Bill, and Marianne for putting and keeping it here!


I finished Excalibur in 1989 with a C/S that had trained with Captain Bill
and a paragon of standard tech.

Prior to Excalibur I had done the bridge from the bottom up all flows, but some things started to impinge, and I really started to wonder if something
was missing, no matter how carefully I had made sure I'd gotten competent,
complete auditing.

On Not's I'd gotten to the point where I would handle a very large amount
of the phenomena in a very short period time, and really felt I'd handled

NO. I was completely wrong. I'd missed a great deal of it.
Then I got Excalibur from a new C/S who had trained with Captain Bill, and it was completely different.

I did Excalibur, and I didn't have short sessions, and very strange things
started happening in the physical universe, and at work, and it was a real challenge.
But thanks to the tech, and my trained and interned C/S I got through it.
And twelve years later, I don't wonder if I missed anything.
The rest of the bridge flowed naturally from that, and at the end of each
level, I'd start thinking about what turned out to be handled on the next
There were many, many wins along the way. But it was hard won, and required the best possible tech, and trained terminals I could get.

Pre-OT + trained C/S + correctly applied tech >bank

Pre-OT + incompletely understood + misapplied tech < bank

There's no substitute for correctly understood, applied and delivered tech.
It's your eternity.

Marianne, and Ron’s orgs deliver that correctly applied and delivered tech.
I've seen the many products, here (in the US) and all over the world.

Time after time they have produced powerful lifechanging results.

And they create stable powerful OT's that can operate and play better games
in their own estimation.

An example for my fellow ex-marines. It's pretty common knowledge that it's one thing to hear about, or know about Marine Corps boot camp, it's a completely different affair to actually experience it, and live through, and somehow stay sane. Afterwards, I always felt I could survive anything if I had to.

Now you could read about Marine Corps boot camp, and you could have their training materials (it's actually tightly scripted), and their methods, and you could try to do it yourself, and trust me, there is no way you would end up with the same high quality product.

Similar area here. You need to do the levels with a competent person that
will get you through it, and do it right so you can achieve all the Wins
that LRH intended for you to have.

Remember Ron’s definition of product: high quality, totally finished, in the hands of the consumer in exchange for a valuable.

Doing the tech with a trained interned C/S gives you that 'product' you



Major Case Problems Resolved

I have been on the bridge for 31 years. The first few years I received good Dianetics and Expanded Grades but then I stuck after Power and Power Plus. No repair really worked-I had them ALL! My life fell apart. I was staff, I did ethics, I put my exchange in, PTS handlings, I trained and audited others. Still stuck. C/S's and auditors just didn't get it-they sure didn't understand me. Everyone was "grasping at straws" and coming up empty. Auditing became one step forward and two steps back. Every win had a pair of losses. I audited dub-in, everything became unreal. I located Marianne. From the first session the wins started without the familiar backslide. I was asked about things I never imagined could be audited and massive stops blew easily. The address to the case was OT and from areas that no one before even knew about during 28 years of failed repair.

I'm sorry that I can't say more details, but 5 hours unstuck me. But the OT surprises did not stop there. They continued session after session allowing me to solve things from before time and mountains of charge in 20 minutes flat.

Boy! Oh! Boy! This is the real deal. I am a LRH purist and remain so. This is for you too.


I finally cleaned up my case that was never handled after thousands of Solo Nots and Audited Nots hours. The real, basic charge had never been handled and the church doesn't even know about or certainly doesn't use any process that handles this charge.
I feel very stable, calm and more in control of my life now than EVER!
Thanks to Marianne, Capt. Bill and Ron.



As I move up and through my first clearing action with RON’S ORG, I find myself actually, truly and finally finding myself. Spiritual freedom is a concept I have not thought about in a very long time. Today the wanting and longing for this freedom has a new and pure meaning to me. I know without a doubt that spiritual freedom for me, my family, and for ALL spiritual beings, is a necessity.

The game has changed, the rules have changed and the times ahead will change. I look forward to the challenge, the ability to participate and to contributing far beyond my present time ability.

Lots of love to all,



Fifty years I had an urge to find out about who and what I was, what was I here for etc.. I started doing research and doing other practices to find the truth and a workable tech. All practices had some truth and produced some results, but I did not find the tech that handled 100% or worked 100% till 50 years later. Then I found RONS ORG and the wonderful, caring thetan Marianne that always asks the correct auditing questions, and I knew that my 50 year search was over. I have found the correct tech that produces 100% correct tech results every time. I am now on the correct bridge with the correct route to total freedom. Thanks and much love to Ron and Capt. Bill. Love and life to Marianne, because of you I will now accomplish and do any and everything I DECIDE to be, do or have. I guess you could say, this is a 50 year cog.

P.S. A very special thanks to Corzel, it is a special privilege to finely be back in a group with you again!


It’s amazing that so much charge and stops were wrapped up in this SuperStatic Review area.

Where do I begin? The biggest thing I can say is that I came into this process without much ‘horsepower’ or motivation to do anything, with no compass to steer me in a direction and no reach. All of this was a departure from how I had been most of my life, but nonetheless there I was.

Having done the majority of the SuperStatic Review and a number of things on goals, my foot is now on the pedal and I’m ready to give it gas. There is a clarity and certainty that I feel again which had been obscured. I don’t know exactly when this came back in, but it is amazing that so much of "me" could be rehabbed in such a short period of time, with the right application of the tech.

Thanks to Marianne for her expert delivery of what LRH intended and that CBR kept alive.

I look forward to doing more.


Wins and Feedback From Some of Our Workshops

Meter Course:

- "First day was awesome, because I got to actually touch my meter, and it felt so good to WANT to touch my meter. Then doing the drills, you get to see the information actually working, and every time it worked perfectly! I enjoyed this course thoroughly because it was a perfect gradient for me. I got exactly what I needed and the gradient was right on!"

- "What a wonderful workshop! There was a great deal of material covered in a short time period, which was great. I feel it got me up to speed to a level of competence in a weekend. Great environment with great supervision and instruction in both theory and practical drills. I was always scared of the meter because I wasn’t sure could operate it, which I realize now I did. Really neat to go back and rehab how to do it"

- "Using the meter for the first time, there had been some backoff and a concern of overwhelm, but that didn't occur. It's been a great win just being here for auditor training. I had decided to never go through auditor training again. This experience has been much better than I thought. I will be able to audit myself once again. I was determined to never train to be an auditor again. But this was a really great gradient. Everything went so smoothly and easily. It was phenomenal."

- "I realized that the meter is a reflection of how life really works. I’m more into the game of using it now. It was really good."

- "On the NED Course many years ago, they didn’t want me to be an auditor. As students, we could never evaluate the data because we weren’t allowed to talk about it. The meter is a simple piece of our technology, but it’s vital to our survival and our future. I think the meter is going to grow on me now that I have a conceptual understanding of it. I thought the course would be okay, but it was excellent.

This is essential to auditing. I am much more familiar with metering, more confident. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to audit."

- "I didn’t get the training in the Church. I was scheduled for it and then they changed everything and I ended up not doing it. Now you could say that was a good thing. So many things have come together in the last two days, seeing it all come together and getting all this certainty of what it looks like. Now I know and I really think I could do it. I wasn't sure what to expect. This has made a real difference for me, tying many things together. I really understand, not just the meter, but the anatomy of charge and what's happening during a session. Fantastic!"

- "In the Church, everything was just as important as everything else. This course blew so much charge off of all the false training and the altered importances, and it got down to what you really need to know. Also, in the Church I never had an FN in training, and today I was used as the one who had the FN! Had great wins. Metering has become much more confrontable and simpler I blew so much charge off from this workshop because it showed me the simplicity of metering."

- "This was a clarification for me. I had a false idea about reading the needle and I got that cleared up. This course has expanded my knowledge. Doing the drills has expanded my communication with physical things."

- "It was fun, it was easy, it was simple, it was fast. I had a lot of fun on the drills in an environment that was very safe, where you’re able to learn. "The drills are fun! I can do this! I see the meter for what it is. Not in mystery anymore. I love you guys! Thank you."

Success Stories — Body Org Processing Workshop

- "The Body Org is a part of life. I found out there were some games I was avoiding and it turned out they were body org games. Very powerful, simple little process."

- "This was very good because it made it very clear as to exactly my relationship with the Body Org. Got us reacquainted and in communication. Had a lot of wins."

- "The data fit together very nicely. All about me and my dynamics. It was information I needed to have, and it went down well. I enjoyed being here. On the auditing part I got off some charge on something very, very old that I needed to get off and that was very good."

- "I had a lot of fun being audited by my twin and auditing my twin. The thing I got out of it was that we have had processes to audit YOU for a very long time, but what was missing was — what do we do with the body thing? And now that Marianne has all these processes there that are so easily done, now we can handle both parts and maybe we can be more complete on the auditing aspect of life."

- "I think the best thing about this was being able to differentiate what’s coming from the body org and what’s my own origination. Resolves conflicts like when you’re in the middle of doing something and you see a platter of food, or a girl walks by, and I hadn’t really thought that’s a whole separate being that suddenly wants to jump off and do that. It put all that in perspective. Even "behavior unbecoming to an OT", when I’m around certain types of people. They’re so human! "

- "I had this consideration that you’re not supposed to be so human — like me! You’re supposed to be beyond that, and that really did help to put that into perspective. During the auditing I realized that you could go through life totally ignoring the Body Org, or if you’re idle, you can be out of the picture and IT can take over! And I saw myself having done both, and realized that I need to find that balance."

- "It’s great to be able to apply it and help others and have other people trained so they can assist you too. I had some stuff lightening up during the process and that helps to validate it".

I did a wonderful workshop with Marianne Hagen of RON’S Org this weekend. The subject was something I was already familiar with but I really got something new out of it anyway. It dealt with Service Facsimiles or Survival Computations. I realized just how broad and expansive this significant aspect of case can exist. I realized also, that the various co-aligned realities, and the beingnesses that create them, have tremendous influence upon others universes and that I was responsible for the esxistence of that. I blew lots and lots and lots of charge and experienced a very significant clarity. Thank-you very much Marianne.



Communications Course

I gained more control of my power of intention when communicating to another being. I learned that I can give a command to another being and have them do it, provided it is the right thing to do. I learned how focus my intention while communicating with a being to get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT without altering my course of action or being distracted. I learned the importance of not invalidating others and with that came the reduction of my past temptation to invalidate.

I am more able to speak to anybody about anything. I feel more comfortable raising issues with others in conversations that would have made me cringe before I did the Communications Course. I learned how to focus the intention of my communication outflow like a laser beam.


Success Story

I just finished a one day course at RON'S Org called the Belief Training
Workshop. This was the best training I have had since I did the Comm Course
20 years ago (and that was an excellent course).

The course was difficult, it was tiring, but at the end of the day, I blew
one Service Facsimile and now I know I can blow others. The possibilities
are mind-blowing. I had a big win concerning shyness about meeting the
opposite sex. But the possibilities of what I can do with tech are huge.

My thanks to LRH, who made it all possible and to Capt. Bill Robertson, who
continued the research, and to Marianne Hagen, my trainer, who delivered
the training and also put together the workshop.


I recently did the survival computation workshop conducted by two of the most caring thetans I have ever had the pleasure to associate with. I started the workshop with the idea that this data on ser-fac's would be good data to have in my association with my friends and my business. I could not have a ser-fac, I did not operate like that, I've had all of this auditor training , been thru NOTS.....No, I could not have a ser-fac. Boy, did I wake up! I did not have the real computation on what a ser-fac really was until I did this workshop. The ser-fac co-audit conducted after the training was a complete blowdown. I had a floating TA for days because of blowing so much mass. Can you imagine this? After doing the workshop all my friends and business associates changed for the better, ha!! So, my advice is, if you ever get the opportunity to have any association with the beings "VAST" and Marianne Hagen, jump at it! I can assure you, it will be the best move you could ever make.

Much love,



Hi All,

Recently I have been involved in a process of handling my own personal Ethics of the First Dynamic self to self. Now, I have not looked at this subject since leaving the CO$ in 1995.In fact I would say that both the CO$ Ethics Officer and myself had a huge misunderstood concept of the subject. My experience of the Church’s handling was not invigorating, freeing and self-expanding action leaving the Church. Their Ethics action was a declare order, non-duplication and I felt totally invalidated, kind of squashed. However, now that I have had the misunderstood concept cleared up I see there is a value in looking at Ethics as applied to the first dynamic, as there is power and stability of case gain as I move up though the conditions. My gains are like doing an extra OT level,

(What was a key out OT ability after a session is now stable) it has been a rocket ride straight up handling old problems NOW and I do mean right, Now! I never realized how I had chained myself to case and others case and prevented my own full gains of the Bridge even after doing the auditing. I am working with Mary Freeman by phone. It is in two parts the phone sessions and the homework. I am handling things in my life that have been just lying there as a stop to my personal pleasure of living and my havingness. I am now getting latent gains from all the auditing (what was promised of auditing is now showing up!) I received over the last five years. This is the only time I was been sent to Ethics where I had fun!!!! There is no forced Ethics in the Freezone, as it should be. I do recommend it as a personal action for stable and maximum case gain. I am attaching a file that Mary wrote that gives a better description.


1st Dynamic Conditions Major Win

The most amazing thing that I have noticed since I began the Super 1st Dynamic Conditions Rundown is that I have actually changed in a very definite way. Or, more correctly, I am more able to be who I really am, without hesitation or apology. I also seem to be doing this in such a way that grants more beingness to the people around me at the same time that I’m granting more beingness to myself.

Previously, the fact was, that underneath the training, auditing and life accomplishments a big part of me still believed he was some kind of low-life and was not really worth as much as others. The greater the status or beauty of people I met or was dealing with, the greater the feeling of inferiority was. It was typical for me to look at a good-looking woman, then look away when she looked back, missing any opportunity to make a connection. Around successful people, leaders and OTs I would feel like I shouldn’t speak, as if it was not my place or something. There was an automaticity somewhat like apologizing for looking or wanting to speak. This beingness caused me to individuate from people and situations in my youth. After training, auditing, life experience and accomplishment, I could push through this thing somewhat, but it was still there, it was still the first reaction. This caused hesitation, missing the moment and clumsily trying to make the point or the connection later. Sometimes I would get angry, trying to break through this artificial beingness, which placed itself in my way, knowing that I had value to bring to a situation. I had created such a communication deficit within myself, a vacuum, missing all those chances to let people know I was there, I felt that I constantly had to prove that I knew something and that I was worth something.

THIS PROBLEM IS TOTALLY GONE!!! I now have the knowingness and certainty that I AM, everyone else IS, we are all being, and we can all add to each others beingness. I am valuable to you all, and you all are valuable to me, this is truly how I feel now. The result is no hesitation in returning a smile and a hello, or initiating one, with anyone. I can converse with the masters, leaders and everyone else with relaxed confidence that I have what it takes to be a master or leader if I choose and do what it takes. No longer is there a feeling of lowness, which causes a need to prove that I am not low.

This has been a major, major win for me, there are many others wins but this one is the most significant. I am much more in PT and operate with a consistently higher tone level. This action has been life changing and I’m only about half way done.

I would like to impress upon people who read this: You may identify this as an Ethics action, and it is, but please differentiate it from anything you may have experienced in the past which had that label. This action has allowed me to reach into myself and correct a major out beingness, an identity that I had created to act in my stead. This specific condition had really created a lot of misery in my life. This type of misery was the very thing that I showed up on the doorstep of the Scientology Mission of the Southwest to handle 23 years ago. Whether you are a Comm Course Graduate or OT 96, do not underestimate the power of this action.

I want to thank Mary for this most wonderful application of LRH tech and for her excellent knowledge and delivery. I want to thank Marianne, Daniel, Frankie and everyone who has made it possible for me to do this. I love you all.


Ethics Handling

I have had a lot of auditing with tremendous wins and regained abilities. But until I did an ethics handling with Mary, I didn’t really GET how much ethics tech applied properly could affect one’s life/case. During our handling we located a very weird but fascinating mechanism I created that acted as a continual source of invalidation to myself, my life, and my progress up the bridge. It was so ingenious and subtle that my auditing never discovered it. To quote a dentist friend of mine ‘‘‘‘WOW’’! When I spotted this, not only did the constant invalidation stop, but all the progress and abilities that were denied me came flooding back in. Doing this ethics cycle has been a very rewarding and empowering complement to the wonderful auditing I continue to get.

Thank-you to Ron, Capt. Bill, Marianne, Corzel, Mary, and Harley! I love you all!

- M.K.

I want to let this group know my tremendous win on this rundown. I was doing Mary's assignment, dealing with the treason formula. A couple of hours work and the basic consideration that had me in treason on the first dynamic unraveled and fell out in my lap.

The relief from finding this was immediate and immense. I realized

what an exhausting experience my life has been trying to exist in this universe while not really being here on the first dynamic. It had me at total effect, like a twig in the stream. Once I found this a trememdous calm settled in and I realized that for the first time I felt comforatble just being me.

I have tried to work the first dynamic conditions before, always

failed. This is the frist time I can feel being stably complete on a condition. I'm now at the highest first dynamic condition I've been in this lifetime and it feels fantastic, even though it's a low condition, I'm moving on up (to borrow from the Jefferson's).

I'll post more wins I'm sure but I hope this validates and encourages others. I see this as a great tool for others in my family and hope to get them going on it.


Ethics handling

So far I have completed an intensive of Mary’s Ethics handling, also known as Life Conditions Rundown, and I would like to share my progress so far so that others know what it is and what can be expected from it.

When I first heard I was going to have to do the Ethics handling, I thought, "OH NO! I did something wrong!" The reason for this is because in the CofS, Ethics was frowned upon, complained about, and people came out being made wrong. As you can imagine I was quite frightened. After all, how does being made wrong help me become more responsible and improve my life condition, but I trusted my CS, Marianne Hagen, so I did it. Mary’s Ethics handling turned out to be much different than the CofS Ethics handling. CofS Ethics were primarily used as a 3rd dynamic action. It was "What have you done to the organization? What are your thoughts on the organization? What can you do for the organization?" Mary’s Ethics are directed to your 1st dynamic, self, so that you can get yourself up to the level of playing a game. It made sense to me.

First I would like to describe my condition as I started the Ethics handling. I came in feeling much like a lazy bum, not feeling very responsible for life, wanting to play the game of life but unable to play, and bored with life and not having fun. After an intensive, this all change 180 degrees in the other direction. Often, when I would hit a hard spot on the road of life, I would blame it on other outside influences –– SP’s, the body, MEST, Government, etc. I would keep saying, "Oh it’s my case," and would actually use my case as an excuse for my condition in life. Because Ethics creates a "buffer" between you and the case, I could finally see where I ended and my case began, and it was then that I realized my life condition could not be blamed on having a case. I am where I am because I allow myself to be there. My case does not control me because I can differentiate between me and it. The only time it has an effect upon my condition is when I agree with it, but with the "buffer" of Ethics, it doesn’t even feel like its there most of the time. Although I do not recommend this, theoretically, one can go through life with a tremendous amount of case, and if he knows and can apply the Ethics conditions to the first dynamic, he can still achieve grand goals with ease and happiness without any auditing. There is still an exuberant amount of gain that comes out of auditing and will make any path much easier.

One really neat thing that Mary’s Ethics handling had me do was to look at life in a fresh new viewpoint. In my past experience, I have often run into emotionally hard times with ex-girlfriends, not reaching goals, feeling down about myself, and such. I remember being quite hysterical at times crying out, "Why is this happening? Why? This hurts so badly! WHY?" ha ha ha (I can laugh about it now) I found out that I had actually wanted that! Can you believe it? I wanted to feel pain, hate, anger, frustration, etc. I wanted to feel all of that. It wasn’t until I took on this new viewpoint of my "true-self" that I realized I was really playing a game and in charge of it. I caused these events and then forgot it on purpose so that I could truly feel the effect of emotional pain! I looked at and said, "WOW! Okay. Now that I’m aware of this and back to the level of where it was created, I think I’ll end it. That sure was a fun game." The rest of the Ethics handling was done from this point-of-view of "true-self"; that was where I ended the "pain and suffering" cycle and planned out the new game for my life.

Now when I started the handling, I found myself way down on the bottom in the state of confusion, so you could say that I will have a full view of what the Ethics cycle can do from the bottom on up to the top. All of the first four conditions have to do with beingness. With the four conditions you are looking to yourself and finding your "true-self" if you want to call it that. I guess you could say you are finding the source of your identity, taking that new view-point on, and start to take responsibility for your physical self, identity, etc. that you have created to play this game. This includes when I found out about something I had created that would constantly counter-create me; the effect of this thing on me was that of a suppressive person. HA HA HA! I was wondering why I wasn’t getting anywhere! Well, I looked at this thing face-to-face and as-ised its purpose. Then, I gave it a different job that I would benefit from. The next four conditions have to do with doingness. Cycles of action are started, changed, and stopped. By this time, I sure was ready to start playing in that game again and complete cycles of action. You start building up your stats. I have really been enjoying this part. So much case gain can be gotten out of just doing things. The last four conditions have to do with havingness. I have yet to get to this point, but I think it will be great because I will be reaping the rewards from my hard work.

As you can see, the ethics conditions have to do with the triangle BE-DO-HAVE — which are the conditions of existence. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence! (sarcasm) Well, when you are playing a game like we are, you can see that ethics naturally occurs with it. There is not a time where ethics conditions do not apply. It does not matter if you are at grade 0 or at OT 40 on the bridge; as we exist in this game, ethics exists in this game and can always be applied. Sounds like there should be a whole another dynamic of ethics! He he he! There is.

If you want to take a man that is running around in circles in life, if you want to take man that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, if you take a man that doesn’t have any confidence, if you take a man that is at the effect of things and not cause of his own life, if you take a man not taking responsibility for things that happen to him and for things he has done, you might consider him to need an ethics or life conditions handling –– the right way.

Through the rundown, I gained knowledge over some mechanics of playing the game, and when you know that, you are much more able to take responsibility and overcome obstacles in life. I also found I could start, change, and stop any small or large cycle of action. That’s right. I gained knowledge, took responsibility, and gained control over cycles of action. Sound familiar? That is because this is the basis of the KRC triangle which equals power. Now you can see why I say that this ethics action is empowering.

I have taken control over my life. I have set goals and am on my way to achieving them with ease. I am feeling great about myself. I know I am not running around in circles anymore. I can see my path to my goal and am certain I can handle any obstacles quickly and easily. I am completing cycles of action, playing my game, AND OF COURSE, I AM HAVING FUN PLAYING MY GAME!!! I find myself shoot for bigger and better things all of the time. My game is not a just first dynamic game; my game is spanning across ALL DYNAMICS.

I strongly urge anyone that knows they are capable of playing a bigger game, wants to play a bigger game, or even wants to leave this game, to do this ethics cycle. After all, the way out of the game is not out through the bottom of the conditions to the level of zero; I have tried that and it does not work. The way out is through the top toward infinity. The way out is the way through. I urge everyone to move themselves up to a higher life condition so you may start or continue having more and more fun in the game we call life.

Thank you to all of those who contributed to bringing this technology to my doorstep!


Note: One of the benefits of the Life Conditions Rundown is that it can be done by phone. Currently, Mary is doing this program on 4 or 5 people in various places. The earlier stages take longer sessions, and as the person moves up into the doingness area of the conditions they have assignments which they do and apply to their life. This makes doing the cycle by phone a very viable system, because traveling to visit the consultant doesn’t necessarily put one in a position to apply it to one’s life, which is what it is all about. Anyone who is interested in exploring how this program might apply to their own life can e-mail us at ronsorg8@direcway.com

Before doing Mary's Ethic's Handling:

I hated my life and did not want to pursue my goals. I had dropped my sense of purpose and my sense of self. Writing down my goals made no sense because I hated them even more when I saw them on paper.

After doing Mary's Ethics Handling:

I can consciously flow love to myself and others and I know that it will never run out. I know who I am. I finally came home only to realize that home is me. I have goals and I have already started pursuing them. I write them down, as well as the small steps required to accomplish them. Then I do the steps. Things in my life have already started to change. I have a brand new career in business for myself and with partners that I trust. This brand new career started during a session with Mary. My phone just started to ring and it was the universe responding to the decisions I made during Mary's Ethics Handling. I have also met the love of my life. I met her before Mary's Ethics Handling. After Mary's Ethics Handling, I became aware that I can flow love to her whenever I want on the infinite level. She will respond however she does, but I am truely speechless that I can give so much love to somebody.

There is no more confusion in my life. I know precisely what I want and I am on my way to getting there. I have learned the meaning of faith in myself. I have faith in myself because I trust myself. I have become my own counsel and I seek advice from myself first. I trust my intuition and I trust myself to never give up on myself. I once did, and Mary showed me how to turn that around. She also showed me that to succeed, one must look at their statistics and then do what it takes to raise those statistics. I never had the motivation to do what it takes, but now my intent is lined up with my purpose in life and I will do what it takes. Thank you Mary. Just thinking about the beauty of what has occurred to me brings me to tears.

If you truely need a 180 degree shift in your viewpoint in life, then I implore you do Mary's Ethics Handling.

BM — Ethics Success

While working with Mary on my Ethics Program I had a huge totally unexpected win!

We were working on really understanding the lower conditions, definitions relationship to life and beingness, etc. And while doing a drill having to do with Confusion I realized I just got the EP of the "Sunshine Rundown" I did back in 1980. I was always in doubt about this rundown and never felt I really got anything from it.

Well, I got it now! After a 25 year comm. lag! Mary is awesome, her understanding of Ethics as survival is very OT and expanded my viewpoint tremendously! I look forward to great results upon completing my program.




9 November 2005ETHICS SUCCESS!!!

I just finished up my 1st Dynamic Ethics with Mary Freeman. All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Mary developed a phenomenal handling!

When I first called Mary, I didn’t think my ethics were OUT at all. My solo was going OK, my life was looking up. We began by finding a non-optimum situation in my immediate environ. Mary worked on this with me, finding my responsibility for it and giving me the support I needed to confront and handle it, at the same time not letting me slide out from under it. And it was all done so gently! I had to keep reminding myself I was in the middle of an ETHICS HANDLING. And what a case-changing EP! I handled a situation that had been ongoing with me since many many universes ago and REALLY showed up because it was acting directly at cross purposes to the OT level I was on. My auditing after this handling went smoothly to a phenomenal win.

Do I wish others would benefit from this procedure? DEFINITELY. EVERYONE should. But since Mary is only one person, and everyone is so many, a lot of someones need to take the course from her to really get the ball rolling. Ethics is needed in the FZ and on the planet. Call Mary today and get started on this course!

Thank you, Mary.

All my love,




Dear Mary,

I’m winning on what we’ve done so far. My doingness is in a power trend. I have my own definition of power; it’s when your stats rise so high you KNOW they’re not going back down to where they had been anytime soon. Once those stats settle at a new higher level, and you’ve built up a history in the new range (and it DOES become possible for hour stats to drop back down….. not to where they were before the power trend but to where they were more recently) then it’s no longer power.

Over the years I’ve built up a backlog of tasks to do… I’m now catching up on that backlog. I’m no longer in chronic cope mode.

My productivity is way up. I stand by my statement that if I could stay this way, I’d be happy. (Actually I’m like that most days.)

I’ve always wanted to help build a better world… but the (Enemy Viewpoint) kept putting the plan ahead of the people. If anyone dared to disagree with the plan, even a slight variance, the Enemy vp would opterm them to protect the plan. I now know the important thing is to put people first, especially good people who have their own good plan. This one change has made a big difference in my life.

You have some valuable technology there.


Ethics & Integrity Program Testimonial

When I asked Marianne in August this year to run the Ethics & Integrity Program on me, I was too sick to work; totally unmotivated and extremely depressed about life in general. I used to be a high-flying career women, working 60 to 70 hours a week with a resume the length of a short novel. However, that stopped about 5 years ago, and despite reaching a very advanced level of clearing (I am OT16 SS and beginning the Games Master Course), I knew there was something very wrong — that had not yet been handled .

The word, "Ethics", can be a frightening word. Even though, every time I heard Marianne talk about the Ethics Course (as it was formerly called) innately I knew I just had to do it. There was something about it, whenever she spoke about it, that I intuitively knew was something I needed and WANTED to do. However before we started, I was somehow a bit scared of the "Ethics" part of the whole deal. Ethics conjures up images of people punishing you for doing things wrong; of finding out dastardly deeds that one has done in the past; old perpetrations never yet uncovered. But no, as Marianne explained, this program is about Personal Ethics — Ethics on the 1st dynamic. It's about how you are out-of-ethics with yourself.

Well — what can I say about the Program — it is absolutely AAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING!! Not only did we find the underlying problem, which was, by the way, "Always working to other people's deadlines"; it was fun, practical, no meters, and because I live in Australia, we could it over the phone — cheaper than a flight to America. And, the most amazing thing of all was that, not only did it handle the underlying problem, but it was so thorough, it fixed everything in my case that was hidden or not revealed or handled at that stage. I was like a set of dominos — each falling and collapsing the next one.

Today, I am flooded with lots of fantastic work, my health is the absolute best its been in over 5 years, I have no deadlines (Yeah!!!). When any work is offered to me there are no deadlines. I can work the hours I want to; my body gets all the rest it needs (I used to have adrenal failure and a lot of associated problems), and I have no concern of, or attention whatsoever on 'deadlines'. It is just not a part of my paradigm any longer. And, the best of all — the 3 areas which rated low when I started the course — negative or dysfunctional activity, productivity and body health — are all things of the past.

My only wish is that everyone does this program. It doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing, what level you are one, whether you are a beginner or not, whether you have the money or not (believe me — the money will come — more than you can imagine, after the program), please, please do it. If everyone just did this program, what a fantastic world we will live in.



Integrity Program Success Story 8/8/2005

I’m back at the wheel.

I differentiated myself from the case (my by-passed charge) and can perceive clearly.

I can get "messed up" and undo myself from it.

The problem was in not being sure "who" I was, and being so complicated. In making decisions, it is important to know "who you are."

Not spending time against myself relieves me from the resulting pain and confusion that drove me toward suicidal ideation.

I don’t have negative emotion toward myself anymore.

The biggest win was Mary, my Class VIII, completing me today--she "kicked me out of the nest" and I am happy and confident. My sense of Freedom is unlike what I have experienced in lifetimes.



Mary Freeman’s Ethics Program

Success Story

Definitions: When one is ethical or "has his ethics in" it is by his own determination and is done by himself (HCOB 15 Nov 72 II). Ethics is that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor, and good reason, and optimum solution along the eight dynamics (PDC 37).

I’m nearing completion of the Ethics Program with Mary Freeman…Ethics Specialist extraordinaire!

As the cycle progressed, I remembered that out-ethics is not just the commission of flagrant and obvious criminal behaviors. It’s the insidious and subtle changes which occur to a being leading to anti-survival intentions and activities in life. These intentions and activities naturally result in lower conditions. I came to see, with Mary’s help, that I hadn’t been being myself. I wasn’t conscious enough to even notice these changes happening. So how could I possibly get my own ethics in?! That’s where LRH’s tech and Mary’s expertise come in.

I have really come to see through the Ethics Program just exactly where I’ve been in my life regarding the conditions. No one needs to tell me how ‘bad’ I’ve been or correct me or ‘hit’ me. Mary’s gentle guidance enabled me to see for myself what had been going on and what I needed to do. What an eye opener!! From this new viewpoint, I really am taking full responsibility for my own ethics, life and survival and making the needed corrections. I actually went exterior on one occasion. This viewpoint has not only resulted in a thorough understanding of the Conditions and the Formulas, but an immediate and profound expansion of my universe, as well.

Some cool wins:

On the Enemy Formula, as I realized WHO I really was, I line charged (grief blowing off). This was the most profound emotion I had felt in quite some time and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. This win was so impressive I would have stopped right there, but things got better as we went along.

There was a sit in which financial reimbursement was owed me and though I’d been trying to get in comm with the guy for 3 weeks, he wasn’t calling me back. At the exact moment I was taking a huge win on the Enemy Condition, the guy called, told me the check was in the mail and I got the money 2 days later…REALLY!

This may sound silly to you but I’m taking a win on it. The family dog, who’s usually pretty antago, actually expressed unsolicited affection towards me.

I called my brother with whom I have a ‘truce’ type of relationship. Though our comm cycles are always brief and to-the-point, we talked pleasantly for a good ½ hour and he returned my "I love you" as we said goodbye, something he rarely does.

As part of my Liability Formula, I got in comm with my ex husband (haven’t spoken to him in 5 years). I had never, in the past, been able to really be myself with him…to be self determined with him. But I am now, and it’s great! The fact is he never took my self-determinism away from me… I did. And when, during this comm cycle, I chose to be myself, he was totally OK with it. This is monumental in my universe!! Any differences of opinion we have can be dealt with, without either one of us losing our self- determinism.

I realized that I was not really confronting, not really communicating. My TR’s and ARC have been WAAAAY out. These are back in now and communication is a joy.

I’ve cognited that if I don’t take care of my physical health, I won’t make it up the Bridge this lifetime and I simply can’t have that.

I have a great increase in energy these days. I’ve completed cycles that have been lying around for months. I’m taking steps to expand my employment opportunities instead of waiting for them to find me. I’ve embarked on a health program to handle my body. This program was the jump start I needed. Thank you, Mary! Thank you, LRH!

By the way, unlike other ethics cycles I’ve experienced in the past, there was no invalidation, evaluation, punishment or REGGING. Mary’s program is what Scientology Ethics is supposed to be.

Did I mention that this is great stuff and that everyone can benefit from Mary’s Ethics Program?



Here's me problem:

Formula for the Condition of Enemy: Find out who you REALLY are.


I had no clue what to do. So what did I do. Stay in lower conditions.

(For the new to Scientology, conditions in life bottom out in Confusion, on up through Treason, Enemy, Doubt, Liability, Non-Existence, Danger, Emergency,

Normal, Affluence, Power, Power Change--this is LRH's Ethics Technology

found in his book, Introduction to Scientology Ethics. Each condition has a formula to move up one by one, fully.)

So, that sucked. I was in confusion for most of my life. I kinda knew what I was (that's the formula for treason: find out THAT you are) but I didn't know WHO I

really was. I coulda spent the rest of my lifetime on this and never really found out.

Okay, now I know. It was GRUESOME! It was intriguing. What happed

was is I had a Class VIII Auditor, Mary, someone highly trained in

Scientology spiritual technology, who was taught by LRH directly, guide me through it. And I'm done. I'm not stupid anymore--well at least not THAT stupid anymore.

I realized, apart from all other apparencies of my personality, what my honest viewpoint is and who I truly am. It's real and not just an idea. I am digesting

this and rearranging my thoughts, my life around who truly am. HELLO! That

sounds sane. The thing is, this is so new to me that I'm like a little baby just born and learning how to walk. A little humbling.

The other thing is, in learning and in doing and in Scientology processing in the past, I had gain, but in life I would fall into lower conditions easily, and like

I said I did not know how to apply the formulas well. Now, I know. I have

honestly gone back into confusion some days since. Life is like that. BUT, I redo the formulas. And I get back to where I was. Eventually, like everything one learns, gets the hang of, these formulas will become second nature, and come hell or high water, I'll know what to do.

THAT is worth it.



I'm on my 2nd step of Liability.

What I've learned so far, is more understanding of how a being can be

freed. Back in the day, I was reading Dianetics 55!, I think it was,

and read his statement about you can't necessarily talk to a man about

total freedom so you speak to him about having freedom within his

current zone of living, and, having read Dianetics and other things, I

cognited off of that that this man found the way out. But, until now,

my experience has been releases, and then a fall back into the muck and

I was still worried about my future.

I never knew how to Enemy before. And now that I have an extra tool to

handle Confusion, etc., everytime I started going back into a personal

confusion, I've done the formulas again and pulled myself out. I

think, after a time of practicing this over and over, like anything

else, it will be understood and natural to me, like a natural law, so I

can see, greater now, how a being can regain his ability to go free of


Does that make sense?




They Just Keep On Comin...

So, today, I realized I can now do the Doubt formula from my own


Since I had never really done Enemy formula of finding out who I really

am, I never really did Doubt correctly.

Now I have a sane viewpoint from which to evaluate correctly on the

Doubt formula.

My power as being as thus increased ten-fold.

I no longer experience personal embarrassment in physically being around other people.

I don't require food to affect my emotions, as I sometimes did, in my confusion and stupidity before.

I have no doubt any more as a personal being.

My goal to study other person's universes is becoming clearer, since I am not involved in making a mess of mine anymore. I know who I am. "Who's the other guy" is the basic mystery, sez LRH.

I don't require anything from anyone for helping me on lower conditions. I can do it myself. I don't require love to fix me as I thought I needed.

That's quite enough for now, I think.


It's okay to use this as promotion.




I had another session, today, with my Class VIII, Mary.

So, here's my "DUH!" moment(s):

I looked at doing non-e on the first dynamic for the first time.

Mathematically, it didn't make logical sense before, but in doing lower

conditions, it becomes clear how complicated #1 can get.

So, in culmination with my previous hard work on getting through lower

conditions, I'm finally granting myself beingness on my first dynamic.

It's not perfect, but my identity is what it is and I can choose to grant

beingness to it, or to not live. My enemy formula handled my

impulse to create perfection everywhere, and that includes my 1st, my

second, etc dynamics. I would only grant perfect beingness at times

and invalidate imperfections. I can see who I am and my energy mass is

just a game, I no longer have to hate it or my second dynamic for not

living up to perfect standards--God won't punish me--yeeesh! Glad

that's over.




We have included here a write-up of an experience on a false bridge — the result of inadequate training on the part of the C/S and an unwillingness to do the usual — which is get help and correction if things are trending down. It is an interesting thing that when I heard this client’s story, I recalled that her CP (Clearing Practitioner) had once contacted me after realizing her training needed review and upgrading, and had been en route to me to get it handled but never made it. It might have saved a lot of misery if she had. And the last time I saw that CP’s C/S before he left the body we had a long talk about tech and he told me he needed to transfer to me for training, as he realized he had missing data and some areas were not understood. No one expected perfection, being in this work can be tough at times — but there needs to be a safe environment for correction and a willingness to correct. They just allowed their original correct judgment that they needed some training correction to be overturned. If they were delivering levels they had no training on and the results were poor or mediocre, assigning blame to the level when others fully trained get excellent results on it, is illogical. Thorough — not robotic though — training is part of standard tech. You wouldn’t be happy having your car’s engine fixed by a mechanic who was only trained to fix electrical systems, and if you let him and he messed up you would expect him to quit doing it till he was properly trained.


Marianne Hagan is an absolute, amazing source of power.
Four years ago I was left stranded after consciously
deciding to leave a clearing group in Australia, which I
later found out was delivering a false bridge. It was theone of the most difficult times of my life because I had
nowhere to go and no-one within Australia who had the
ability to help me. I had supposedly completed OT16 SS in
1999, yet I knew I wasn't caseless. I didn't feel caseless
and I didn't demonstrate caselessness.

In 2002, however, through a wonderful chain of events and
synchronicity, I found Marianne! After 2 years of a lotof unravelling and correction of all the BPC, incomplete
cycles, false data and misunderstandings from the former
tech delivery, and now using the best clearing available on
the planet — from Marianne — I finally felt what Super
Static completion was. This is what I wrote at that time to
a friend (dated 6 Nov 2004):
After completing all the Upper Level Review work that
Marianne has given me, I finally reached Super Static. It
was a-a-amazing!!! I exteriorised for about 10 days,
feeling absolutely blissful — I actually reached Tone 40:
"Serenity of Beingness". Since then, I've come back 'down
to earth' so to speak — but I feel totally out of the game.
Like a Super Static, who's in Present Time, but can see
through all the games that people play. I am totally
different now. It's a very significant and permanent
change. I feel totally Self-determined, there's absolutely
no "other-determinism" and I finally know what
"pan-determinism' feels like. My tone-level is stable now
and ranges from 4.0 (Enthusiasm) to up to 11
(Exhilaration). I can get upset at times but within a
couple of hours, I bounce back up to feeling happy and

Marianne is a magnificent and wonderful being. Whenever I
talk to her I feel totally safe, loved and free to be
completely myself. And she is absolutely AWESOME in
session!! Once you have a session with Marianne, there is
no looking back. There are no superlatives significant
enough to describe the power and knowledge this lady has to
create positive and permanent change for anyone willing to
receive it.

What A False Bridge Feels Like

From 1996 through 2000, I was following a False Bridge but
I did not know it. My feelings knew it, but I continually
fought against my emotions and kept rationalising them by
listening to my Clearing Practitioner at that time andothers who were also on the False Bridge. I even read
CBR's 'False Bridge" Admin Briefing — and yet I still kept
rationalising. So, I wanted to write this to explain to
everyone what being on a false bridge FEELS like.
Remember, always trust your feelings and LOOK AT THE
RESULTS. If your results don't match the required
outcomes, then something is definitely wrong!

This is what happened to me before I found Marianne Hagan

I took to clearing like a duck takes to water. I was
always 'biting at the bit' for more tech and more clearing.
You couldn't hold me back. After going clear, I had to
wait 6 weeks before I could have my next session (my CP
went away on Christmas holidays) to learn how to start
soloing. All I had was a borrowed meter, my Solo Pack and
an L1 listing, so I taught myself. It was sheer trial and
error, but I pulled through and went on to become the most
acknowledged solo auditor in the group. However, it was
not smooth sailing. Far from it.

First of all it was like a race game. That is, everyone
was raced through each level, but delayed in-between
levels. It was like, "Now, we'll rush you through this
level, don't complain, don't argue or question whether
you're complete. But you cannot do the next level until we
say so". Too bad, if your case was up in your face or your
next level was ready to be run. It was: "Let's have long
delays between levels and lots of incomplete cycles". I
used to have to fight my CP to complete a level. I had to
argue with her to say, "No, I don't feel complete". "Oh,
yes you are", she'd say, "You've run more than anyone else
has on this level. You are complete." But seeing how I
solo'ed right through my Middle and Upper Bridge levels,
I'm still at a loss at how she knew whether I was complete
or not. She never checked my levels in sessions with her.
Telepathy? Yes, well, maybe she just simply knew more than
I did. Maybe I am wrong. OK, that's it, my CP has more
information than me — therefore I must be wrong. Ignoreyour feelings — and the blows on the meter every time you
check __Eval and Inval from someone else. Who? Your CP.
No, I must be wrong.

Feeling 'careful of' being yourself, speaking the truth or
simply just opening your mouth around your CP? Yes, but
there must be something else wrong. That's it, it must be
me. Your own CP becoming more and more critical of you,
the higher you go up the bridge, and you feel angry at her?
Yes, but we were told your CP is never wrong, never
question your CP and if you are angry at your CP, then it
must be something wrong with you! You start to
roller-coaster, so your CP snaps at you and tells you there
is "only one reason an OT would roller-coaster and that's
because you are connected to an SP". So she would spot
your SP for you and you had to disconnect from this person,
otherwise you were told there was something wrong with you!
Do you feel bad about this? Oh yes, but you have no
choice — it was your fault that you were roller-coasting in
the first place.

When my CP's American C/S died in 1997/98 (approx) and she
didn't find obtain a new C/S despite claiming to have only
completed OT16, did we feel that this was wrong? Did we
feel a change in her persona after that? Did we notice a
valence change? Did we notice how her behaviour became more
down-toned and her viewpoints more inflexible? Yes, but our
CP had an answer and explanation for everything — so, it
must have been our fault.

Then you look around you, at people who were once your
closest friends and allies, and as they were going up the
bridge behind you, you noticed significant changes in them
too. Some are experiencing the same problems as you, but
too frightened to speak out. And the others are becoming
more and more like our CP — "Attila the Hun". Flexible
thinking? No way, in fact the whole Lower Bridge was
turned upside down so very few people ran The Grades. This
Lower Bridge had Grade 0 at the end, not thebeginning(!!!). Can you believe that???? No wonder there
were all these unstable, surly Clears and Pre-OT's walking
around with totally fixed viewpoints.

Looking back now and knowing what I know now, the whole
thing is like some horrible Sci-Fi movie, filled with
fixed-viewpoint zombies. It is so crazy, in hindsight,
it's almost laughable. No-one, of course, completed
Excalibur; everyone had problems when trying to run the
Upper Levels; and I can guarantee that no-one who has
remained in that group is caseless.

By the way, I did finally achieve the feeling of
caselessness and OT16 Super Static completion, but it
wasn't until a few months ago, after working with Marianne
Hagan for two years to repair my case. Oh, and I did stop
roller-coastering. It was immediately after I disconnected
from that group in April 1999.



Another layer of unknowingness stripped away, and the solid knowingness that if a thought or consideration comes without my creating it, well it’s not mine. It’s one thing to say that and quite another to know it. In fact, that is a WOW knowingness.

I came here in pain and on pain meds. The pain and the need for the pain pills are gone.

I also no longer smoke.

What a TEAM: Frank and Mary. Frank, my auditor and Mary, my C/S, both friends, doing what they do, helping and assisting others like myself to regain self knowledge.

Today I am back, active as a solo auditor, after 15 years. That’s a lot of progress in three weeks. Words aren’t working very well as I’m so blown out and HAPPY that I have a future back.




On arrival to see Marianne I was experiencing something I
had no reality on and an incredible fear. I knew I wasn't
in present time and was extremely aware of a need for
assistance. Within one hour Marianne was able to assist me
in releasing completely a major incident that has slowed me
down all my life! I feel capable of moving on and very
Thankyou Marianne, I would recommend you to anyone.

Greetings all,
The program is over for now, and it was a wonderful event with wins beyond expectations. Lots of learning and expansion! It may be awhile down the track, and we will need to give people lots of notice, but another one is being considered. The synergy and excitement of doing this in a group has to be experienced to be believed!

If you are truly interested in this program, but can't see your way clear to doing it, for whatever reason right now, a suggestion is to put yourself on our early notification list, so you can be sure to be informed in time to get earlybird discounts, or hear any telecalls we may do on it. Just email us back — copy and paste this into subject line "I would like to be on your UIEP #3 notification list". Or phone 602 284 7937 if you have questions.

Also know that you CAN get this done with Mary by phone, no matter where on the planet you are! This is an absolute laser-sharp method of homing in on areas of your 1st dynamic that are blocked, and changing their condition. Did you know that the 1st dynamic has over a dozen categories that can be addressed with ethics tech and improved if they are sluggish — the least optimum first?

Oh and by the way — if anyone wants this program in their area — talk to us about how many people they would need to get together to make that work!

We're on the road again, but here are some wins from the program this weekend:





February 10-12, 2006


New vocabulary!

Enemy viewpoint tech!

It is an honor and a pleasure to be included into a circle of people so focused on the highest good. These tools have been presented with such clarity and intention, with exemplary ethics and integrity. Your gift shines bright!

Thank you, Mary, and thanks Marianne, Kenton, Frankie, and friends. I am blessed with a whole new vocabulary and tool chest. Riskin’ friends with my Enemy viewpoint —yahoo!



* * *


Mary’s ethics seminar is awesome, and I’d recommend it to everybody! I now can pinpoint why I often do not achieve as much as I’d like: I had created a way of looking at myself which was actually preventing me from being productive. This "Enemy viewpoint" was that ‘I am the best,’ and if I do not live up to that unobtainable standard, then "I am bad."

In the past, I had often slipped into this self-defeating attitude without even realizing what was happening. Today, I was able to recognize when that happened and then I was able to actually shift my viewpoint to the most supportive, loving viewpoint: that of my True Self!

I have already started applying what I’ve learned and I am excited to continue to let more of that bright, free, flexible, compassionate viewpoint shine through!

* * *


I don’t know of any project, program or level (except for going Clear) that has had more impact on me. What a great experience.

* * *


I know now there is light at the end of the "tunnel. . ." Especially seeing and knowing that I created the "tunnel" and seeing and knowing "how" I did it and knowing how to get out of it. What a re-affirmation/reminder that I am still at cause and I am able and powerful. . .and good and "can."

* * *


I learned how to reach and withdraw on my whole track and use it as a basic therapy on somatics that works. (I have done this training before, so these are new wins.)

I gained experience and mass showing/demonstrating to me that thetans are basically good. This was a true group ... in that there was no counter-survival intention towards anyone and we were all interested in learning and using the technology in handling things.

* * *


My biggest win was discovering my True Self is a good being innocent of creating the situations in my life that were created by the know-it-all Enemy. Now my True Self can take over my life and apply all the instructions for how to run my life correctly.

Free, free, free at last! Thank you, Mary Freeman, I am free at last!



* * *


The Ultimate Integrity and Ethics Program is most definitely deserving of its name. It only takes one other word to describe it and that word is "professionalism." This course is 100% standard tech presented in a lively, interactive workshop style with occasional twinning. Mary’s ethics presence is awesome, her TR’s superlative, her affinity unconditional and her energy limitless.

Thank you, Mary, and your equally awesome support staff.


* * *


A new broadened perspective on who I really am and, most importantly, choosing between who I really am and who my Enemy Viewpoint wants me to be. I had a couple of specific wins but in a vague sense; that is what happened. A better decision process is the result of the course. Decisions that before I wanted to avoid so badly because of confusion. I FEEL GREAT. I mean I have more integrity, which feels great.

Thanks Mary and Marianne.

* * *


Oh my ….. !!

I’ll start first by saying my intended goals and expectations I came here with, which were pretty substantial, have been exceeded 1,000 times over. No exaggeration… NONE.

The wins and realizations and new level of understanding and awareness are above and beyond anything I’d imagined could ever be, prior to this adventure. These processes and exercises … have opened my eyes — they’ve totally freed up any concept of any limitations on anything. There are none!

Marianne is just incredible and amazing .. definitely one who can provide the way to total freedom, so easily, and also teach you how to do so for yourself .. and continue to do so for yourself .. and others!

She is a miracle worker, a miracle maker and I feel very lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time… which is NOW!

I’m still floating … J



Success Story

Source Operations Level III

Technical Training

June 5, 2006.

The education that you get on this level is "Out of this World" or more exactly "Out of this Game". You find out much more on this level regarding the problems of games and how they have been messed up so everyone loses. But the most important is how to fix them up so you can be a "Master of Games" and create the game you want — - at your choice. That includes any game, such as this "Physical Universe Game" or just playing a game within an existing game.

My viewpoints have really been freed up, and I am fully free of this game, so I have my "Power of Choice" to leave or play. That is real power. Also, any game is just a game. The Big Players can experience anything that can happen in a game, such as dying, poverty, war, happiness, wealth, and being in powerful positions without getting stuck in any of these "permanently".

This is why we are playing a game — to experience, and that means "experience anything" and learn how to play a better game. After all, if you are not willing to experience anything, then you cannot achieve happiness within a game. Because there will be things you are "trying to avoid" and as many of us have experienced, by "trying to avoid" you "pull it in" unwillingly. Has to do also with confront. Which also means confronting your case and immediate situation to get this tech. There is nothing more important. Really!

I cannot get into the specifics of the training, but the above is what I found to be important to playing a game or get stuck in a game forever, and I do mean forever and that means stuck in a condition that you REALLY DON'T WANT.

The auditing I have done so far is "indescribable " and "incredible". So much charge has blown across this universe, this game and many other games that I have been involved in and am still in. I get 10s of divisions of TA per short session. Can't tell you how much, you would not believe it!!

I have a total gratitude to Captain Bill Robertson for making this tech available on planet Earth with help from LRH. And to Marianne for duplicating and learning it directly from CBR so she could deliver this POWERFUL PRODUCT to me.

I am moving on to SOL IV.

Thanks again Marianne.