In order to better work out what we can do to assist people getting on with the bridge, answer this and return it to us at the email address below.

For those who have experienced clearing or training in other groups and organizations, you will be aware that we have a unique situation in the USA, and some concerns about safety and freedom of religious practices and their performance.

We operate under the guarantee by the constitution and the 1st amendment of freedom of speech, but are mindful of situations that can create problems. Therefore, if some of the terminology used is not what you are used to, look at the basic meaning and align it with terminology you are used to.

This should be able to be copied and pasted into an email, for answering and returning to us at

As far as you can tell, what are the barriers and stops to your getting up the bridge?

Do you have any concerns about freezone training and clearing? If so, what are they?

Is money one of your apparent hindrances to being able to progress on your spiritual path?

Do you feel that your body is lagging behind your own expansion and needs more tools, tech, and support?

If you were progressing on the bridge without hindrance, what would that look like for you?