Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

In the meantime the Church of Scientology published a dictionary on the net.
You find it here.

ABC American Broadcasting Company
AG AG Assistant Guardian (the local Org head of the Guardian's Office)
AO Advanced Organization (where OT levels are delivered)
ARC Affinity, Reality, Communication - a basic triangle in Scientology
ARCx ARC-break
AS-IS-NESS Seeing things as they actually are, the full truth about something
ASHO American Saint Hill Organization
AUDITING Spiritual counselling
AUDITOR Spiritual counsellor
BANK Engrams, Reactivity of the Mind, Mental Charge or Mass
BEAMS Pulling and pushing beams, tractor beams, pressor beams
BLACK PR Lies in public relations
BLACK PROPAGANDA Lies in public relations to invalidate a person or group or their ideas.
BLVD Boulevard
BPI Broad Public Issue
BRIDGE Tech Road (way) to spiritual freedom and OT
B-1 A designation of the personal intelligence files in the Guardians Office.
CARCINOGENS Any substance or agent that produces cancer
CB Captain Bill (Robertson)
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
CCNY Celebrity Center New York
CEDARS The "Cedars of Lebanon" Hospital Complex, purchased by the Church to make a large org complex in Los Angeles.
CERTS Certificates
CHART OF ATTITUDES Technical Scale in Dianetics and Scientology
CLASS VIII 8th Level of Auditor (spiritual counsellor in DN and SCN)
CMDRE Commodore
CMO Commodore's Messenger Org in Church of Scientology
CODE OF HONOUR Code in Scientology, The Ethics of an OT
COEU Commanding Officer Europe
Class 8 Class 8 Auditor (someone who is trained to that point)
CLO Continental Liaison Officer (has more autonomy than a FOLO)
C of S Church of Scientology
C/S Case Supervisor
Comm Communication
COMM-EVED A Committee of Evidence has been done on a person or a group
CW Clearwater, Florida, USA
DATA SERIES Administrative Tech for logical analysis, investigation and handling of good or poor areas
DECLARED Declared suppressive person
DE-PTS To alleviate the condition causing a person to be a Potential Trouble Source
DGIUS Deputy Guardian for Information (Intelligence) +or the United States
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DIANETICS Through thought, mind or soul
DN Dianetics
DS Data Series (a set of LRH Policy about Logic)
DSC Deputy Sector Commander
DUB-IN Something in person's memory he put there, not actual experience

Thrusts of Theta through life:
1. Self
2. Self, Children, Family
3. Group
4. Mankind
5. Life Forms (other Species)
6. Physical Universe
7. Spirit Universe
8. Supreme Being or Infinity
ED Executive Director, or Executive Directive
E-METER A sensitive resistance meter used in spiritual Counseling in Dianetics and Scientology
ENGRAM Hidden mental image picture in mind (reactive mind or out-of-sight mind) containing pain and unconsciousness
ENTHETA Enturbulated Theta
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCCI Flag Case Completion Intensive; a person receiving this auditing service
FH The Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida
FLAG Highest Spiritual Counselling Org and Training Org in Old Church of Scientology
FLOWS Particle emission or waves emitted or received
FN Floating Needle - a phenomenon on the E-meter which indicates a process is complete or mass has vanished in the thetans space
FOLO Flag Operating Liaison Office = a relay management office of Flag
FREE ZONE An area not controlled by evil organizations or implanters, but free to expand spiritually
FTA Floating Tone Arm -- a much broader F/N which exceedes the range on the dial and requires Tone Arm adjustment to view it entirely
GALAC PATRA "Galactic Patrol", from old "Lingua spacia"
GAUTAMA SIDDARTHA The Buddha, Founder of Buddhism
GO Guardian's Office
GUARDIAN OFFICE An external affairs divisions in the Church of Scientology to guard it against attacks from other person's or groups
HOMING BEACON A light, or wave, guiding one toward a port or place
HAT Job, the duties of a post
HCOB Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin
IBM International Business Machines
I/C In charge
IMPLANT Engram (specialised type intended and used to suppress people covertly)
INT International
INTENSIVE 12 1/2 hours of intensive auditing
IRS Internal Revenue Service (USA)
ITT International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
JUSTICE POLICE For handling Justice situations
KRC Knowledge, Responsibility. Control, a triangle which is senior to ARC
L.R.H. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
MARKABIAN Member of Markab Confederacy (of various planets of star systems in the region of Polaris)
M/H Mission Holder
MI5, MI6 Intelligence Organisations in the UK, internal and external
MSH Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the Founder of Dn & Scn.
MSHIP "Mother Ship" or "Main Ship" of the Galactic Patrol for this Sector
MW/H Missed Withhold
NBC National Broadcasting Company
NOTS "New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans", an OT procedure on the Bridge
OEC Organization Executive Course
OPS Operations
ORG Organization
OT Operating Thetan (A Thetan who is at cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought and Life - approached on a gradient by doing OT Levels)
OTL Operations & Transport Liaison Office
PDC Philadelphia Doctorate Course - Lecturer: L.R.H. (high level Auditor training course in Church of Scientology in 1952)
PDHing Doing pain-drug-hypnosis, or any combination of the 3, a junior form of implanting
PLs Policy Letters
POGROM Pogrom. An organised attack, especially against the Jews or- other minority group.
POSTULATE A creative intention made by an OT
PR Public Relations
PROJ Project
PRPR 6 Power Process 6 - a very powerful process used to bring a Thetan actually into present time
PT Present Time
PTS Potential Trouble Source (a person connected to a Suppressive)
PTS Type III Potential Trouble Source - Psychotic level - the Suppressive on the case has been generalized to "everybody"
PUTSCH Uprising, insurrection, takeover attempt
Q & A Failure to get things completed, starting a cycle but never finishing it
Quartermaster - a person who guards the ship or building and logs visitors on and off
R Ron
R.A. Right Arm - meaning "right arm rank" - has qualifications to command a ship as differentiated from and in addition to administrative or "left arm" rank
R B'day Ron's (L. Ron Hubbard's) birthday
Ron's (L. Ron Hubbard's) Journals
RPFed Put on to the Rehabilitation Project Force
RTS "Revolt in the Stars" film by L. Ron Hubbard) concerning events on this planet which happened 75 million years ago
SC Sector Commander
Knowing how to know answers in the fullest possible sense of the word, the science of truth, and ways to find it
SCN Scientology
SEC CHECK Security Check
SEC OPS BUS Sector Operations Bulletins
SEOs Sector Ethics Orders
SO Sea Organization
SOBS Sector Operations Bulletins
Suppressive Person, one who knowingly and continually tries to reduce awareness, hide the truth, and destroy the dynamics.
An act or person who is against self-determinism, power of choice, and free will.
Technology (usually referring to Dianetics and Scientology processes used in going up the Bridge)
TECH VOLS Technical Volumes for Auditors
THETA Thought, soul or spirit
THETAN The awareness of awareness unit, the "I", or individual
ns Thetans ( = Theta = Awareness of Awareness Unit of Life Force)
III MATERIALS Third level of OT. Freedom from a terrible catastrophe that took place 75 million years ago
TLC TELEC (Telepathic Link Communication or Telepathic Telex)
TRACK Time Track
TR0 Training Routine # 0 (for Auditors). Confronting another person "two by four-" a board or plank of wood measuring 2 inches by 4 inches (5x10 cm) in cross-section
VIA A relay point in a communication
1.1. Level of spiritual tone scale referring to covert hostility
VOL Volume (usually refers to a tech book for auditors)
WW World Wide